• New Cheaper Shipping Options

    Friday May 01 2015

    Other than shippers, who the hell likes shipping costs? Nobody. That's who. That's why I'm tickled to announce a cheaper shipping option for those of you with an economical bent that...

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  • I Love Banned Books and I Can Not Lie

    Wednesday Apr 01 2015

    I love banned books so much I have to wear them. Seriously. After going through hell fighting censorship of my work from the federal government myself, and coming out the...

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  • A History Of Liberty: A Tip of the Hat to Lysander Spooner

    Wednesday Feb 18 2015

    Way back in 1844, a fellow with the unforgettable name Lysander Spooner started something called The American Letter Mail Company. The idea was that he would compete with the legal...

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  • Welcome to the Liberty Maniacs

    Monday Jan 12 2015

      Since the beginning, Liberty Maniacs has been on the forefront of made to order commerce.  Partnered with the biggest names in the business, and some of the most amazing...

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